Pricing & Services 

At Hair On Location we charge for an overall look, instead of a list of services added up to achieve the desired look/ style. All colour services are charged at an hourly flat rate of $97.

Each service is personalized and tailored to each client’s individual needs/goals. 


All colour services: $97 an hour (includes cut)

Women’s hair cuts: $70 

Kids cuts: $25 (add on service)

Men’s cuts: $35 (add on service) 

Travel fee: $25


We are a SE based business and anything outside a 20km radius

will be charged a travel fee is $25




  • Hair Painting

  • Babylights

  • Balayage

  • Bleach & Tone

  • Colour Correction

  • Full Foils 

  • Foilyage

  • Root Melt

  • Solid Colour 

  • Partial Foils

  • Root Touch-up

  • Toner

Cuts & Style

  • Women's Hair Cut

  • Kid's Haircut

  • Men's Cut 

  • Wash & Blowout

  • Conditioning Treatment 

  • Style or Curl 

  • Bridal Hair

  • Graduation Hair 

  • Updo 

How it Works:

The stylist will show up with everything necessary for the appointment. All we need from you in preparation is a clean kitchen sink and a chair. Once the service is done the stylist will clean up and get out of your hair! 


Hair Cuts: 

Wash, cut, blow-dry and style included,


Hair Colour:

Colour, cut, blow-dry and style included.


Want to book a Consultation?
Our consultation is a free, 15-minute service that allows us to better understand your natural hair and hair goals. This can be done with Kaitlyn or a stylist of your choice. 

Consultations can be booked over the phone with FaceTime or text messages with pictures. It's important that we see your hair colour in natural lighting, and know your hair texture and density. We welcome inspiration photos and references, all hair reacts to colour differently, our stylists will create a beautif

If you are interested in our new extension service, during the consultation we'll discuss our nanolink method and which is required for extension maintenance and upkeep.

We discuss prices and how the process works moving forward! We are also here to answer all questions that help you on your hair journey.


How it works:

Like all services offered by Hair on Location, our stylists come to you. This service typically takes 90 mins to apply the extensions, depending on how many bundles you have.  At the maintenance appointment, extensions are moved up which takes an hour and a half to two hours. We recommend booking a consultation to work with you to get the results you desire. 

Hair on Location received training from Hair Flair. Check out their website and Instagram

The Process: 

  • Book a Consultation

  • Order Hair Bundles 

  • Book Extension Application

  • Follow the 10 Commandments lo

  • Pre-book Maintenance Appointment (every 6-8 weeks)

How Many Bundles Do I Need? 

  • Fine Hair                   3-4

  • Medium Hair            4-5

  • Thick Hair                  5-6

  • Very Thick Hair         6

Price per Bundle            $100 - $140 

Prices will vary depending on length and colour


Lengths & Colours Available:

The colour possibilities are endless; we can match your current colour or add a bold accent. Just ask a Hair on Location stylist. The lengths available are: 

  • 16" 

  • 20" 

  • 24"

  • 26"

The 10 Commandments of  Extensions

1. Oil is Key

Thou shall use oil every night on my hair extensions to add the moisture they need. Apply a small amount to my hand and work through, mid-lengths to ends. 

4. Brush Only When Dry

Thou shall not brush extensions when wet. I will always ensure my hair is fully dry before using a soft bristle brush to remove knots. 

To avoid knotting, I won't sleep with my hair wet, ever!

7. Have a Game Plan

Thou shall have a game plan if I swim in a pool, lake, sea, or any body of water. Extensions don't like water, i.e. chlorine, salt, debris, etc. they dry out extensions and can discolour them. 

What to do: Coat hair in conditioner, braid, or wrap hair in a low bun. 

Once out of the water, rinse immediately with fresh water. 

10. Our Little Secret

Thou shall never reveal my secret to having lush hair. 

2. Soft Bristle Brush

Thou shall brush my hair with a soft bristle brush to ensure I don't rip through the extensions. Start brushing at the ends and work my way up. 

Braid hair at night or use a soft low pony with a scrunchie or soft hair tie to avoid tangles or kinks. 

5. Maintain with Maintenance

Thou shall be consistent and pre-book every 6-8 weeks maintenance to avoid any stress or damage to my natural hair and scalp. 

8. Two is Better than One

Thou shall shampoo twice; focusing on the scalp and not folding the extensions on top of my head. 

Shampoo and condition with the hair going in the same direction. Only apply conditioner to the mid-lengths to ends, all to avoid oil buildup at the scalp. 

The less frequent I wash my hair the longer the extensions will last, twice a week is plenty. 

Good-news! Extensions hold a style better than natural hair so I won't be styling every day! 

3. Protein, Sulfate, & Silicon-Free

Thou shall not use products with proteins, sulfates, or silicon on my extensions. These products will speed up the aging process of the hair and result in dry damaged hair. 

6. Heat Protectant 

Thou shall use heat protectant on my natural hair and extensions. All hair extentions are coloured to match colour swatches, making them prone to fading. 

Using heat protectants can help reduce the amount they fade over time. 

I will ensure my hair extensions are 100% dry before using heat styling tools. 

9. Wait to Wash

Thou shall not wash my hair for 48-hours after my hair extensions are applied.

This prevents them from sliding out and they'll properly settle into my natural hair.