IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo

IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo


Greasy hair meets its match with this heavy-duty dry shampoo. IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo cleanses and refreshes even the oiliest strands with an oil-absorbing, odor-eliminating formula. Detoxifying charcoal powder lifts away dirt and buildup while absorbing oil, odor, and sweat. Calming white tea calms the scalp and strengthens hair follicles.

Why is it special? With heavy-duty detoxifying formula absorbs oil, sweat, buildup, and odor for instantly refreshed hair Charcoal powder cleanses and refreshes while adding volume so you can go longer between washes White tea powder soothes and calms the scalp.



    Absorbs Oil + Soothes Scalp + Detoxify 


    Shake well. Section hair and apply product in a sweeping motion to dirty and oily areas. Wait 30 seconds for the powders to activate cooling and cleansing effects. Remove excess powder by massaging and shaking at roots with fingers or brush. Shake and repeat if necessary. Apply before bed for oil absorption while you sleep.